Please turn your sound on! The sounds are rather important to the game.
Missing Memories is a small game about being misgendered and finding your own validation.
It was inspired by a very real memory.

Content warning for misgendering.

This game was made with the Bitsy game maker tool, I highly recommend using it as a first time game designer. Check it out at
Additionally, I used the incredible functionality of the Borksy hack for Bitsy, which can be found at

Special thanks to my Patrons for their support. If you'd like to help me make more games, consider becoming a patron as well!
Shout out to the incredible spdrcstl on the Bitsy discord, they helped me iron out the kinks in this project.


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oh i love this, thanks for sharing! the ending scene is super impressive too, that must have taken a while...


thanks, it did.

I only learned after I was finished about tools I could have used to automate most of the process, so it was all done by hand.

Don't ever do pixel animation by hand.

oh lord... i thought you'd at least used image-to-bitsy or something


haha well, live and learn I suppose.

This is so nice! I love the sound design! 💖


Thank you! <3